DIY + Housewarming Gift Ideas

IMG_2025Home Goods is my go to store for home decor & accessories so when we got an invite to a housewarming party that’s the first place I went to find gifts.  Above is a unique frame I found and knew I could do an quick and easy DIY for it.

IMG_2032The  frame’s 5×5 inch dimension is unique plus you can display two pictures using both front and back.  As you can see from above it can stand on its own on its narrow side or you can just lay it flat to display memorabilia like concert tickets.  I can also see this frame on a desk at work.  It’s made of sturdy clear acrylic and the front and back attach together by 4 small strong magnets on each corner.

IMG_2021First you’ll need a word processing program.  I used Microsoft word.  I inserted a 5×5 inch text box which the size of  the frame.  The name of the font I used is called CASTELLAR which is in all caps and the font size is 90 to print the HOME SWEET  HOME sign.

IMG_2022The font has a carved out look leaving white spaces on the paper that I chose to color in with a silver metallic gel pen.  I chose  silver (platinum)  to symbolize prosperity.  I tried using gold first but it just came out looking yellow on the white paper.  The silver metallic affect came out nicely although the picture above does not do it justice.  Against natural light you can see the silvery sheen easily.

IMG_2023I used a ruler to help color in the letters with the straight straight edges and  decided not to color in the curved letters of the S and the O because it just came out looking sloppy the first time I did it with the gold gel pen.

IMG_2024When done coloring cut out the 5×5 inch square and place it inside the frame.  I thought this was such a cute gift idea.  I love the versatile use of the frame.  The HOME SWEET HOME sign is just a place holder which you can opt to keep and still be able to display another picture on the other side or get rid of it altogether and display two photo instead alternately turning it around once in a while to help change the scenery in a room.

IMG_2025The glass affect of the frame and the hint of metallic on the letters make a sophisticated combo that would compliment most home decor.

IMG_2021[1]I also got this cute HIS and HER’s mug set to put in the the gift bag to go with the frame.  I prefer practical gift like these that I know will be used over and over again.

Thank you for reading!

What are some of your housewarming gifts ideas?  I would love to hear them.





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