DIY Tutorial: How to Print Inspirational Quotes on Post It

Print Inspirational Quotes on Post Its

I’m so excited to share this tutorial with you!  I get a chance to share a few inspirational quotes that I just love.  They inspire and motivate me to keep moving forward when life gets way off course and I get discourage with the way things are going.

Let’s get started… there are two free printables for this tutorial.  Here is the template and here are the quotes.

Post It Notes Template


First print out the MyGiftBlossoms Post It Notes Template.  Above is a picture of the template and as you can see there are helpful directions to follow to help the project go smoothly.

Post Its on Template

Then stick individual Post It Notes on the template.  As you can see Post Its Notes comes in a a variety of vibrant beautiful colors.  Follow the direction of diagram on template and stick all 6 Post It in the same direction with the sticky part on top of each of the square box.

Print on Post Its

A word of caution before you start printing on the Post It Notes.  Take the time to get familiar with your printer settings to make sure it doesn’t get jammed.  As an example I have an old HP inkjet printer and I have to load my paper upside down.

Also and this is IMPORTANT make sure the sticky part of the post it notes enters the printer first otherwise it will get jammed.   This is a fairly easy project.  I’ve done this a number of times and it has never jammed on me.  There is no chance to jamming if you follow directions and you will be amazed by the spectacular results.

I’m planning on printing affirmations for a later project but I would welcome other ideas you may have and and would offer them here as a free printable.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for reading!





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