DIY: How to Upcycle a Tin Box Cardholder into a Frame

Quick & Easy Upcycle Project

Hey there!  Today I have a quick and easy DIY upcycle project that will help decorate your home.  When I bought Christmas cards over the holidays last year they came inside this tin box.

After I used all the cards I saved the box as a convenient catch all for my tiny trinkets.  The clear plastic window made it easy to remember what I stored in there but the other day the box was filled to capacity and I had to move my tiny treasures to a bigger container.

That’s when I knew I could use the container for a DIY upcycle project.

What you’ll need

Above are the supplies needed for this project.  I bought the wood display stand and the rhinestone stickers from Michael’s using this couponing trick from a previous post.

So let’s get started and let me show you what I did…

Decorating with rhinestones

As you can see I used the rhinestones to decorate the the tin box.  Each individual flower rhinestones are strung together in a row on a clear sticky plastic backing.  This made it so easy to slap on an  entire row instead of sticking each rhinestone individually.  For the corners I did cut individual rhinestones and stuck them on separately to help hug the rounded curve of the container.

A frame with bling

Looking at the photo above I am really pleased with how the rhinestones decorations turned out.  I just love bling the more the better.

You can store multiple photos inside

You can see from the photo above as I Insert the picture inside, the container has a little depth to it.  It has 1/2 inch depth that can hold up 18 photos in all.

IMG_1941The storage allows me to easily interchange and showcase other photos instantly.   Stacking the photos inside also helps the top photo stay flush against the clear plastic window.

IMG_1945Repurposing a plate display stand

I wanted to talk about and show this beautifully crafted wood display stand before I place the frame on it.  I think it was meant to hold and display collectible plates but it does the job quite beautifully showcasing the frame.  The dark wood compliments the metal and rhinestone quite nicely.

Putting the finishing touch

This project turned out beautifully! I hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as enjoyed putting it together.  By the way the photo is of me when I was little.  I’m not sure how old I was in this picture but even then I loved being creative.

Thanks for reading!


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