Using Instagram as a Creative Tool for Mindfulness

My first pic on Instagam

Social media such as Instagram is a powerful communication tool  that allows us to connect on a global  scale.  The connections formed  through social media however has has been criticized as being superficial compared to the meaningful relationships formed in the real world.

A tulip from my own backyard
Today’s post is not to debate this issue but instead to discuss how Instagram can be used as a creative tool for mindfulness.  When used in this manner it can help us develop a more meaningful relationship with ourselves and our surroundings in our daily lives.

Looking up from my car waiting for my son to get out of school

Being visual in nature Instagram immediately appealed to me.  It’s the first social media app I’ve personally used or ever been interested in using.  Initially my main intention for Instagram was to help showcase and share my DIY projects from this blog but it has become so much more.  It has allowed me see the world through different eyes and my enjoyment from it has been immense.

Enjoying the sunset from my deck

It has helped me to focus and zero in on the beauty of my surroundings as I go through my day.  I’m now keenly aware of things that I may have missed or taken for granted before using Instagram.  Colors have become more vibrant as they hypnotize me to focus on the present moment especially when I’m out in nature.

Walking on flower petals feeling like a queen

All the photos above are from my Instagram gallery.  Looking back at these pictures as I write this post reminds me of how beautiful the world can be and how much we’re missing out when we don’t take the time during our busy hectic day to really see what is always around us.

Thank you for reading!


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