Morning Ritual = Tea + Creative Inspiration

IMG_1694Today I want to share my morning ritual with you and a few of my favorite things.  I love the silence of the early morning to enjoy and savor YouthBerry tea from Teavana.  The orange and berry blend creates a delicious fruity aroma that taste great hot or cold with just a little sweetness of honey.

IMG_2002I pour the hot tea into the hug mug I bought from Max Brenner (Chocolate by the Baldman) a restaurant here in NYC where they serve everything chocolate.  Check out their menu online.  I highly recommend this place if you’re a chocolate lover and find yourself in the city.

I love feeling the warmth of the hot tea as I cup the hug mug between my hands.  This mug allows me to cradle my drink in a sacred loving gesture  as I slowly sip and savor the flavor on my tongue.

Along with my hot drink I sit by my kitchen table and read Buddha Doodles by Molly Hahn on my IPad.  Molly’s drawings are beautiful and inspiring.  Check out her artwork for a  dose of inspirations to start the day.

How do you start out your day and what are some of the  things that inspire you?

Until next tme… thank you for reading!

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