Part I: DIY Bead Bracelet Idea

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DIY Bead Bracelet

Today’s DIY project is fairly simple and this post is mostly to inspire others to create their own version.

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Michael’s Craft Store: The Bead Aisle

Above is a photo of the bead aisle at my local Michael’s craft store.   Looking at all those colorful beautiful beads and the endless variety to choose from makes me want to make something unique that will accentuate my personal style.

Supplies Needed: Scissors, Elastic Cord, Beads of your choice

Above is a photo with a list of supplies you need.  The project is self explanatory but I do have some helpful hints.

Place your beads in a small container for easy access and to keep them from rolling all over the place.  I placed my beads in a small carton box  but a small bowl will do just fine.

String you beads

Start by stringing  your beads on the elastic cord while it’s still on the spool.  This makes it easier to determine how much cord you’ll need.  I bought the elastic cord at Michael’s along with the beads.

My beads were on the medium side so I chose the 1mm cord because it was thicker and seemed more sturdy.  There are thinner cords so make sure the cord size you chose can go though your bead hole  since bead sizes also vary greatly.

Form a U with the string of beads

After you string all your beads make sure it fits your wrist size comfortably.  Then form a U (look at above photo) with the string of beads to keep them from rolling off the table.  Then cut the desired length making sure you leave 1 inch or 2 on both ends.  You’ll need that much excess to tie off the ends.

Double knot the cord

Pull tightly on the elastic cord and double knot it to close the loop.  You decide how  loose or taut you want  your bracelet to be.

IMG_1791Cut off excess cord

Make sure your knot is tight and secure before you cut the excess elastic cord.  Don’t cut too close to knot.  A tiny little stub of cord is fine since it will be hidden between the beads.

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Ta…da… a beautiful bracelet

Voila… you have a beautiful bracelet that is customized to your wrist wrist and one that fits your style.

Thank you for reading!

Come back  tomorrow for Part II of this DIY project and see how I can make this bracelet more unique.

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