Upcycling a Sephora Shopping Bag into an Elegant Gift Bag

Black and White Stripes & Bling:  A Great Combo for Gifting

Happy Earth Day everyone!  Today I have a quick and easy project to upcycle and repurpose a Sephora shopping bag into an elegant gift bag.  My daughter likes to shop at Sephora and I always felt bad throwing the beautiful shopping bag away into the recycling bin.  The bag itself is made of thick fine quality paper and has the bold black and white stripe motif of Sephora’s brand as you can see from the photo above.

Supplies needed for the project

Above are the supplies I used for this project… a polka dot decorative tape I got from my local dollar store and a paper flower I made from a previous project which I’m planning a video tutorial for.  I also saved the matching black and striped tissue paper that came with the shopping bag.  Now let me show you what I did…

Step 1:  Covering up the store logo

I wanted to keep the elegant black and white theme so I chose this black polka dot decorative tape to cover up the logo. I also wanted to keep a consistent pattern so I used the tape on three rows as you can see from the photos below and did the same pattern on the back.

Step 2: Cut the excess tape off the edges

Also I used the tape only on the front and back of the bag and not on the side to make trimming off the excess much easier.

Step 3: Poke a small in the center of the bag

I then poked a small hole in the front bag with a safety pin making sure it was centered.  I needed something sharp since the bag was already made of thick paper plus tape added on top of it just made it more so and I wanted to keep the hole fairly small.

Step 4: Add the paper flower embellishment

The flower I made has a rhinestone brad in the center of it so I Just pushed the prongs of the brad through the small hole I made with the safety pin.

Step 4: Push the prongs of the brad into the hole

Then spread the prongs apart and push it flat against the bag so the flower is securely attached and the sharp edges of the prongs are out of the way.

The final result… A beautiful Elegant Gift Bag

Now I have something beautiful and useful to proudly present my gift in.  Plus I’m doing my part to helps keep the earth green by recycling.  Fun and creative projects like this is a win win for everyone.

Mastering the Art of Gifting: One Gift at a Time

I recently used this gift bag to hold the present I gave to a friend.  You can see how I added a personal touch to that gift in this POST.

Thank you for reading!


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