How to Make a Square Knot Slip Closure

Sorry I had to cut it short yesterday but I honestly think that presenting  this project in 2 parts was the best way to go considering there’s so many pictures involved.  So let’s get started with Part II of this necklace DIY project: How to make a square knot slip closure but first check previous post if you’ve just joined us today and missed yesterday’s post.


So this is where we left off yesterday (see photo above).  the pendant is attached and the two loose ends have a bead threaded through them and then knotted to keep the beads from slipping out.


Now grab the two loose ends overlap them together.  As in the above photo secure then with tape on a table or any flat surface you can work of off.

IMG_1984 - Copy

You’ll then need 1 ft of extra wax cord to make the slip closure knot.


Start by tying the 1 ft cord around around the overlapping cord ends of the necklace.  At this point I think a video tutorial wll be more visually effective than a bunch of pictures of me tying square knots so here is a 4 minute video I found on YouTube on how to make a square knot slip closure for the necklace.  It’s fairly easy and you’ll get the hang of it within 1 minute of the video.

IMG_1993 - Copy

As you can see in the photo above I kept tying the square knots until I made about an inch of it.


Cut off the excess cord on both ends and use glue to secure the ends from fraying and unraveling the knot.  Now you have a one of kind necklace with a an adjustable closure that allows you to wear the pendant high or low on your chest.


I had a great time putting this project together.  Being a New Yorker in all I’m proud to wear a small piece of NYC history.

Thank you for reading!

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